Since the origins of environmental history in the 1960s, scholars have produced a steady stream of literature exploring the historical interactions between humans and the environment. This bibliography is an introduction to that vast literature. It is selective in the truest sense of the word because the numbers of publications devoted to any aspect of the field runs into the thousands and is constantly growing. The bibliographies do not pretend to provide a comprehensive record of everything that has been written on these topics and they are meant as an introduction to the topics listed below.

Available bibliographies

These brief bibliographies should have value for students and teachers of environmental history and historical geography and the general reading public curious about the past relationship between human culture and the environment. In case you need a fuller listing of environmental history literature, especially topics not featured here and more recent publications, please consult one of the following on-line bibliographies:

Visiting the websites of environmental history journals often provide tables of contents of past issues. The three most prominent journals in the field are:

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