The Timeline of Environmental History is a chronological exploration of the history of the interaction between human culture and nature. The timeline is based on the personal research and teaching interests of the author and is therefore selective in content and scope. Nevertheless, the environmental history timeline aims to provide a reference tool for students, educators, scholars, and anyone interested in environmental history and related subjects. The timeline extends from deep history to the present day and will continue to expand in scope and depth over time.

Structure and navigation

The basic structure of the Timeline of Environmental History is chronological and divided in three main blocks:

Of course this is an arbitrary periodization and the beginning and end of each period differ throughout the world, apart from the 20th century. The beginning of the Industrial Revolution for example starts later in Italy than in the British Isles.

The timeline is a work of progress and items will be added over time. If you have any suggestions for additions or improvement please contact the editor.